How to Help

Can't adopt a Galgo?  That's OK! 

There are MANY ways in which you can still help with the effort to bring more awareness to the breed, fund our work in GC, or contact other groups you might be to assist.  If a Galgo isn't for you, please consider helping us help them.


Assist with Funding:   The up-front costs of importing Galgos is MUCH higher than moving our normal retired Greyhounds from one area or state to another.  While typical hauling fees could be as low as $40 per dog, flying Galgos requires the group to spend at least $450 to get the dog safely prepared and delivered to the US.  Every dollar donated to the GC Galgo Project helps us cover those costs and make Galgo adoption affordable to more families here.


**  To donate directly to our organization, you can send a PayPal gift. Checks or money orders can be sent to Greyhounds, 314 Sample Rd, Greenwood, SC 29649.  Greyhound Crossroads is a 501c3 Charity-- all gifts can be included on itemized tax returns, see your accountant for more information.



**  We will also have Galgo Project items for sale in our online store.  We will post that information here very soon.

**  Some very generous supporters have offered to run fundraisers for this project too!  You will find that updated information posted at the bottom of this page whenever one is running.  Please check back often and see the latest news!

**  Special funding projects will be included in the BeachBound Hounds event we hold every September in Myrtle Beach.  Registration is open for this year!  Details can be found on our new event website



Spread the Word:  Many organizations are helping the fight to save Galgos by hosting events, using Kickstarter and GoFundMe or private functions to create media promotions.  Here are some that need help!





Adopt in other areas:  Not close enough to adopt from GC?  Here are other resources you can use to reach out to other sources





Currently Running Fundraiser Events: