Galgo Links

Some of our favorite links to introduce you to our greyhounds' cousin, the Spanish Galgo.

Breed Information:

Galgos entertaining themselves in the home, by Save a Galgo Espanol:  Jumping gates

Galgo fence jumping by unknown source:  Fence jumping

About the breed, full of pictures:  Little Lobito

FCI (international breed standard) Standard:  Spanish Greyhound

Educational Links:

Yo Galgo: An introductory video about an on going documentary film project:  Yo Galgo

Short article on the Galgo plight:  Unspoken problem

Equipment and Gear:

Harness by Ruffwear that can be used as a "spook" harness:  Web Master Harness

Medical Information:

The common medical ailments afflicting Galgos in Spain:  Common Diseases



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