C Ville C Annie

Category: 2017 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Aycock Family of Summerville SC 6/29/17
Adoption Date: 2929-0606-1717
Pet/Kennel Name: Annie
Age: 4
Color/Gender: Dark Brindle Female
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Older Children Only
Fostered by (location): McCann Greenville SC
Additional Details:

Annie came in from the Orange Park Race Track with her sister Alice from the Clear Lake Racing Kennel. She raced 168 races there. Annie was a good racer and did get up to the top A level for part of her career. Annie raced at 65lbs and turned 4 on December 17th. Her sire is Pat C Clement and her dam is Calypso Amy. Some of our volunteers met Annie and her sister Alice on a recent trip to the track and asked if we could place them when they retired. They had such stunning unusual dark brindle coloring with silver stripes instead of the usual orange stripes. Annie's sister Alice was adopted right away. When Annie came in she had an ear infection that needed treated, so that held up her placement initially. Her ears are healed and are fine now and Annie has been completely vetted and has been released by our vets for adoption. Annie is a sweet, friendly, confident girl that loves attention. She is very loving and happy. She is a very calm girl that is very well behaved and great on leash. She has excellent house manners too and has been in a foster home for longer than most, due to her initial ear infection. Annie passed her cat test so should be fine to live in a home with kitties. She also passed her small dog test and has been living with Italian Greyhounds and Greyhounds in her foster home. When Annie first arrived she was bossy at first with new dogs in her foster home, if they bothered her when she was laying down. Her foster mom worked with her and she has completely stopped that behavior now and is very good with her housemates large and small. Although she is normally a very confident, outgoing girl, Annie does seem stressed and uncomfortable around new dogs (especially dogs of other breeds that she has not been around before) at first. We feel she may do best as an only dog, although she does warm up to other dogs with time. Annie really liked every child she has met, but we think she would do best in a home with older kids only and no toddlers that might fall on her when she is sleeping. She has never shown any issues with her space with people or kids, but since she has with other dogs, we like err on the side of caution. This is a stunning girl with such unusually beautiful markings and coloring! 

Her Pedigree

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