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Nancy G Gracie
Racing Name:
Nancy G Gracie
Pet/Kennel Name:
Black Female
Cat Tolerance:
Small Dog Tolerance:
Good w/ Children:
Older Children Only
Fostered by (location):
Bowden, Greenville SC
Adoption Status: Available For Adoption

SPECIAL SENIOR! Gracie is a tiny black female that raced at just 57lbs. She originally came from the track in Orlando and raced only 9 races there, not placing in one of them. Her birthday is March 28th 2010 so she is 9 now. As a senior she qualifies for our reduced adoption fee of $250! Her sire is Tony's Oracle and her dam is USS Upside. She is a littermate to Michele Henry and Cute Candle that we already placed and a half sister to several other dogs we have placed. Gracie lived with cats for 2 years in her first home and is fine with them. She has been in two adoptive homes before and has been returned for the same reason both times. The first home adopted several puppies after adopting Gracie. Gracie has always had some issues with not liking to be bothered by other dogs when lying down or sleeping. Having a bunch of wild puppies in the house was too much for her and she didn't like them. She was placed in a home with no other dogs in December of 2014. That home adopted a second female dog in 2015 and Gracie got along well with her perfectly for 4 years. In the last 6 months Gracie has only gotten really grumpy with her housemate twice, once over food and once over her space. We have had Gracie checked by our vet and found that she is low thyroid and needs inexpensive thyroid medication. Low thyroid can cause behavior changes and grumpiness. She has been started on thyroid medication and is doing great in her foster home with several other dogs. Although Gracie is doing great with the dogs in her foster home she definitely needs a home with no other dogs. She goes to a greyhound playgroup and is fine playing with the other dogs there. She has only gotten upset enough to bite another dog twice in 4 years time. Although we don't want to place her in a home with other dogs, she is OK almost all the time with other dogs and is very easy to manage. She has never been grumpy with people approaching her when she is laying down, according to her former family. She is friendly with adults and children she meets. Because she has shown grumpiness about her space with other dogs, we chose to mark her 'older children only', just to be safe. Gracie isn't a needy girl and is perfectly happy laying on her bed most of the day. She doesn't follow you around and although friendly, isn't one to seek out affection and attention all the time. You will hardly know she is there unless she whines. Gracie can be whiny sometimes and her foster mom is working on correcting that behavior and making sure she isn't accidentally rewarded for it. She is doing much better with the whining already.

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