Greyhound Training

Greyhounds are very trainable. Training helps you bond with your greyhound and helps your dog be a good family member. Normal dog behavior isn't acceptable in the human world without extensive training. Every interaction you have with your dog can be a training opportunity. Your greyhound learns that what it is doing at that moment is an acceptable behavior and it works to get him resources (food, attention, comfy place to sleep etc.) or not. Dogs continue behaviors that are successful and work for them. They generally don't continue behaviors that don't work or are corrected properly. Please go to the training articles under this heading to learn more.


We often hear "I just want a NORMAL dog" from frustrated owners:

Normal dogs do not have good house manners

Normal dogs bite and growl when upset or threatened

Normal dogs bark and whine

Normal dogs don't accept new strange dogs into their territory

Normal dogs fight

Normal dogs eat all food within reach, even if it belongs to a human

Normal dogs are protective of their bones, food and toys

Normal dogs pee and poop anywhere they want to

Normal dogs make and follow their own rules

Normal dogs jump on other dogs and humans when they are happy or in greeting

Normal dogs lick, mouth and nibble when greeting

Normal dogs hump other dogs and humans when playing

Normal dogs play rough and play with their teeth and paws, since they don't have hands

Normal dogs eat the poop of other animals

Normal dogs eat grass and throw it back up

Normal dogs have no reason to listen to or obey a human

Normal dogs can be protective of their space especially when laying down and don't like to be bothered

Normal dogs are territorial

Normal dogs don't like strangers

Normal dogs don't understand the difference between an unwanted intruder and your child's best friend, and will treat them both the same

Normal dogs love to chew wood, plastic, paper and just about anything else

Normal dogs chase and kill cats and other small animals - they are predators

Normal dogs can't be physically handled by veterinarians or even their owners

Normal dogs hate having their nails trimmed

Normal dogs are cautious or fearful of anything or anyone new in their environment 

Normal dogs get car sick on trips

Normal dogs are never willingly separated from their pack

Normal dogs eat things they shouldn't

Normal dogs are scavengers and spend much of their day trying to find food

Normal dogs have no reason to come when called

Normal dogs run free, do what they want and get all the exercise they need and aren't confined in homes or fenced backyards

Normal dogs aren't crated and are free to get into anything they want when they want

The normal behavior of dogs is NOT something that fits well in human society. All dogs must have some level of training to be able to coexist with us. It is up to the owner to seek out methods that work to make their normal dog's behavior more acceptable. No dog is perfect without a lot of supervision and training at first. All dogs are trainable, but each dog is an individual that may respond to different training methods.