WW Fuselage
Racing Name:
WW Fuselage
Pet/Kennel Name:
Red Fawn Female
Cat Tolerance:
Small Dog Tolerance:
Good w/ Children:
Fostered by (location):
Bouw Columbia SC
Adoption Status: In Process to the Tucker Family of Greer

Fuse came in from the Waverider Kennel at the Daytona Beach Race Track. She raced 80 races there, won 8 of those and placed in more. Fuse fell in her last race and didn't finish the race. An X-ray found a tiny bone chip in her left hock. The vet felt that it would heal quickly on its own. She is doing fine and doesn't even have a noticeable limp now. Fuse is a cute, tiny, red female that raced at 53lbs. She just turned 3 on May 9th. Her sire is WW's Dog Gone and her dam is WW Electric Eye. She passed her cat and small dog tests easily and has been living with small dogs that she likes very much. Fuse is used to being around children because her trainer has several kids that help in the kennel with the dogs ages 5 - 12. She is a sweet, calm girl that seems little unsure of her new surroundings at first and just wants to be near her family. Fuse has been in an adoptive home since March but they are making the difficult decision to re-home her due to their busy work schedule and traveling required for work. They feel that Fuse would do better with a family that had more time to spend with her and other medium to large sized dogs that she can play with. She tries hard to get their small dogs to play with her but they just aren't interested. Fuse is a tiny, sweet girl that is very cat, small dog and kid tolerant, we know she will be snapped up fast.

Her Pedigree

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Added: February 7, 2017


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