Coach Harry

Category: 2017 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Monaghan family of Blythewood SC 8/4/17
Adoption Date: 0404-0808-1717
Pet/Kennel Name: Apollo
Age: 7
Color/Gender: Dark Brindle Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Frymire in Greenville, SC
Additional Details:

Apollo was called 'Harry' at the race track but his first adopter changed his name. He initially came in from the Birmingham Race Track. Apollo was a very good racer that raced 238 races mostly all at the top A level. He was so good that he won 5 races in a row against the best racers at that track. He also raced at Southland in Arkansas which is one of the toughest tracks in the country. Apollo turned 7 on April 20th. He had just turned 5 when he retired and got adopted by his first owner. Apollo's sire is the famous Kiowa Mon Manny and his dam is RLM's Ripley. This boy has personality plus. He is a happy, waggy boy that goes straight up to everyone he sees for love. He got along really well with other dogs at the track and was picked as a dog that would be likely to get along well with a young, active german shepherd in his first home. Apollo was returned to us the first time because his dad had to move in with a relative and wasn't able to keep him. Apollo raced at 71lbs but is a very tall boy. He has lived with cats and small dogs and is fine with them. Apollo is a snuggler that enjoys sleeping in bed with his foster mom and is a very sweet guy. Now Apollo is available again, this time he was dumped at a NC shelter because his adopter moved didn't want him anymore. Fortunately we were contacted by the shelter and Apollo is back with our group. Apollo is a wonderful, friendly, sweet boy that has just had really bad luck. When Apollo came back to us he had no tail. He was a very happy waggy boy to begin with so we think that he probably had to have it amputated due to a tail injury called happy tail that is common in greyhounds that wag a lot. Apollo travels well and likes to play with tennis balls. He loves to run and play with other dogs but only for a little while. He is very calm and settles well in the house. He doesn't like thunderstorms or fireworks. Be sure to check Harry's other photos to see pictures of him now and 2 years ago when he arrived. The newer photos are the ones where he is a little whiter in the face.

His Pedigree

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