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Category: 2009 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by Whitlock, 11.14.09
Adoption Date: 1414-1111-0909
Pet/Kennel Name: Zee
Age: 4 in Sept.
Color/Gender: Brindle Female
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Older Children Only
Fostered by (location): Martinez, GA (Leonard)
Additional Details:

Zea is truly one of those rare dogs that comes along only every so often. She is so loving and docile, a real doll! Zea is a beautiful 54-pound brindle girl who just turned four. She is a submissive girl who has no aspirations of being the lead sled dog, but that doesn't mean she is a wilting flower by any means! She is currently being fostered with both greys and small dogs, and has easily integrated into the pack. She loves to greet you on your arrival and will nuzzle with you to get the maximum amount of love she can. Her tail wags a million miles an hour! She is quiet when crated and will sometimes seek out her crate during the day to catch a few winks of 'quiet time,' but can also be found curled up on her doggie bed in the living room, protecting all occupants from any stuffies that may be lurking nearby. In addition to killing stuffies, she LOVES to chase a ball and will bring it back and drop it at your feet as long as you are willing to throw it. She rarely barks unless encouraged to do so, and her bark is surprisingly deep, especially for a smaller female. Once she gets over initial shyness to new people or situations, Zea is one of the friendliest greyhounds we have ever met. If you drop a pan on the floor, she may startle and dash out of the kitchen, but will quickly return to check out what made that loud noise. She does not exhibit Alpha behavior at all, but is so smart and willing to please that she learns quickly in order to please her human pack. Zea is not food agressive and will easily yield her dinner dish to you. She is small dog and child safe. She walks great on leash and stays right near you. She easily figured out stairs, so long as they are solid and not slotted/open (like a deck or pier). She would make a great first greyhound for someone, or would also fit well into an existing pack.

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