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Adoption Status: Adopted by the Leslie Family of McClellanville SC 12/2/17
Adoption Date: 0202-1212-1717
Pet/Kennel Name: Fernandos
Age: 5.5
Color/Gender: Black Male
Cat Tolerance: Trainable
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: No
Fostered by (location): Johnson (Greenville, SC)
Additional Details:

Fernandos came in from the Brindle Kennel at the Palm Beach Race Track. He also raced at Naples Ft Myers, Flagler and Mardi Gras. He raced 180 races at 75lbs. He was pretty good and did get up to the top A level. His sire is the very famous Dodgem By Design and his dam is Auntie Anne. Fernandos turned 5 on May the 14th. He has the most beautiful, shiny, black coat and cute ears that stand straight up when he is curious about something. One of his littermates took a bite out of one of his ears when they were puppies, so he is missing the very tip of one ear. Fernandos passed his initial cat test easily with no interest, but he just never was able to get used to just 1 of the 7 cats in his first home, so if placed with cats he would need a home with a confident cat. He is one of the greyhound grinners that smiles when he is happy or excited. We would prefer not to place him with small kids because he can be grumpy about his space when he is laying down. Fernandos is not the most confident boy, although he pretends to be. With confident people leading walks he is relaxed and leans against your leg if something makes him nervous. He was nervous of other breeds approaching and would bark protectively. We have been working on that and can take him to busy areas downtown on walks with no barking now. He is very friendly and is a leaner that leans in to give the famous greyhound hug. Fernandos is used to having his teeth brushed every day and likes it. He is very very good and quiet in his kennel. The only time he is loud is when he hears the siren of an emergency vehicle, then he sings along. When you first come home he will roo because he is happy to see you. He is a very good singer that does a very sad sounding rooooooo. Fernandos walks great on leash. He is a very laid back, well behaved guy in the house and doesn't do much running or playing in the fenced yard so doesn't require one.

His Pedigree

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