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Category: Rainbow Bridge
Adoption Status: Adopted by the McCarthy Family of Grovetown GA 9/20/15
Pet/Kennel Name: Gonzo
Age: 4
Color/Gender: Dark Brindle Female
Cat Tolerance: Trainable
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Halliwell in N. Augusta SC
Additional Details:

Gonzo just arrived from the Sanford Orlando race track. She is a small girl that raced at 57lbs. She raced at Bluffs Run, Dubuque, Mardi Gras and Sanford Orlando so she traveled around. She was a good racer and did get up to A level. Her sire is the very famous Lonesome Cry and her dam is Glimmer. She just turned 4 on May 1st. Gonzo was very quiet in her kennel at the track so her trainer thinks she might be a good dog for apartment or townhouse living. She is a friendly girl that seems relaxed and sweet. No surprise that she travels well. She passed her cat and small dog tests easily. Like most greyhounds Gonzo did show more interest in a running cat, so will need supervision at first and some training not to play with cats.

Gonzo was adopted in September of 2015 and called Padme. She lived 7 years with her family before passing away in September of 2022. You broke the mold when it comes to dogs. 

Her Pedigree

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Picture: DSC_0082c.jpg

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