JD Egad Eureka

Category: 2014 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Tucker Family 10/25/14
Adoption Date: 2525-1010-1414
Pet/Kennel Name: JD
Age: 2.5
Color/Gender: Red Male
Cat Tolerance: No
Small Dog Trainable: No
Good w/ Children: Testing
Fostered by (location): Kaage in Augusta GA
Additional Details:

JD just arrived from the Sanford Orlando Race track. He raced 85 races there and in Dubuque IA. He wasn't a good racer and only won 4 races in his entire career. His race weight is 75lbs so he is a mid sized guy. His sire is Surf Lorian and his dam is JD Delusion. He will turn 3 on October 15th and hopes to celebrate his birthday with his new family. He is a very, happy, outgoing guy that loves people and loves attention. He is a more active guy that pulls some on the leash excited to see everything around him. He also gives hugs which we are working on correcting. He has been really good in his foster home so far and is quiet in his crate. Seems like a great guy and is very very cute. 

JD was adopted by the Tucker family in 2014 and renamed Oscar. He lived a happy life until he suddenly became paralyzed not long after his 5th birthday in 2016. His vet and specialists were unable to find the cause of the mystery illness and he passed away in November of 2016. 

His Pedigree

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