Kelsos Cluster

Category: 2019 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Kovaks Family of Easley 8/1/19
Adoption Date: 0101-0808-1919
Pet/Kennel Name: Cluster
Age: 3
Color/Gender: Black Female
Cat Tolerance: Testing
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Older Children Only
Fostered by (location): Kovacs, Easley SC
Additional Details:

Cluster just arrived from the adoption kennel at the Jacksonville Race Course. She raced in the Lester Raines Kennel but retired in October of 2018. She was placed locally and was with her adopter in Jacksonville for about 4 months before being returned to the track adoption kennel. We just picked her up on a group track trip and brought her into a foster home, so she didn't have to stay in the kennel. Cluster is a gorgeous, shiny, black female with a small white blaze on her nose, white chest and white socks. Her sire is BD's Grayson and her dam is Kelsos Jenna. We placed her littermate Kelsos Rudy last November and a dog that has the same mom Kelsos BlueSmoke too. Cluster is a confident, happy girl. She can be a bit bossy at first so may need to be in a home with a male dog that doesn't mind having a bossy girlfriend (most don't) or a more submissive female. Cluster lived as an only dog with her previous family but she seems to be more comfortable with other dogs around and is doing great in her foster home with several other dogs. Cluster is VERY outgoing with people and doesn't seem to be stressed by the move from Florida into a foster home. She prances into a new home with her head and tail high and wagging. She goes straight up to everyone she meets happily for affection and usually tries to put her paws up on your chest to give hugs. We are discouraging the hugs, since she is a big dog, even though it is pretty sweet and cute. Her previous owner said she had growled a few times when being handled by strangers, but the original adoption kennel never saw any growls directed at humans and we haven't either. We weren't able to get much info on context of when the growls occurred from her, but in our experience, it usually happens when a dog is laying down or sleeping. She loved the kids she was introduced to, but because of the reported growls, we think a home without small kids would be best for her. She has been fine with the small dogs she has met but still needs testing with cats. This girl is personality plus and so stunning! If you want a happy fun girl that is full of personality, Cluster could be the one.

Tag: Adoption Pending
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