Lee Peg Goodluck

Category: Augusta GA Area
Adoption Status: Available For Adoption
Pet/Kennel Name: Gimpy
Age: 2
Color/Gender: Black Female
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Hamilton, Augusta GA
Additional Details:

Gimpy just arrived with her two sisters Lee Peg Creator and Lee Peg Mator from the King Kennel at the Sanford Orlando Race Track in Florida. Gimpy never actually had an official race at the track due to an old right front toe injury that gave her her name. Our vet checked her toe and found that it had been partially amputated at some point long ago. But because she was a pup the bone continued to grow and was causing some pain. He is going to amputate the bone and remove the rest of the toe so that it doesn't bother her anymore. She should make a complete recovery and be able to run and play and won't even notice she is missing a toe. As it was, her toe really didn't slow her down and was something she was completely used to. She loved running and playing with the other dogs in her foster home. Her toe amputation was June 13th and she should be ready to go home after her stitches come out around June 23rd. Gimpy's sire is the famous Trent Lee and her dam is Dakota's Peggey. Since she didn't actually race we don't have a racing weight for her but she is likely to be around the size of her sisters who are 62 and 66lbs. She is young and just turned 2 on April 4th. Gimpy passed her cat and small dog tests at the track. She is being fostered with a cat and is doing fine with it. She doesn't seem to be stressed by much and was roaching (Sleeping on her back with her feet in the air which is the sign of a relaxed happy greyhound). Gimpy is doing great on hardwood floors in her foster home and loves their kids. She is friendly and goes right up to everyone for attention and seems like she is going to be a very loving pet and companion.

Tag: Adoption Pending
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