MW's Gretal

Category: 2016 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Moriau-Bisges Family of Myrtle Beach SC 7/23/16
Adoption Date: 2323-0707-1616
Pet/Kennel Name: Gretal
Age: 3
Color/Gender: White Female with Red Spots
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Jacobs (Augusta, GA)
Additional Details:

Gretal came in from the Mardi Gras Race Track in Florida. Her last race was actually at Palm Beach February 12th and she won that race. We also found records of her racing earlier at Naples Ft Myers after starting out at the Mardi Gras Track initially. She got up to A level at Palm Beach briefly but mostly raced at the lower levels. She raced 62 races and raced at 65lbs. Gretal is a gorgeous white girl with just a small spot of red on her. We placed her brother Hanzel last year so are very happy to get her too. Gretal turned 3 on Jan 20th. Her sire is Blaze N Toddie and her dam is MW Tremayne. Gretal is a friendly girl that seems like she is adjusting to home life quickly. She is friendly and loves to play and run in her foster home's yard. Gretal passed her small dog test with no interest. Although she is good with other dogs, she doesn't seem to be with another dog. She is definitely a dog that loves people and loves attention so she would probably not mind being an only dog that gets all the attention. Great was interested in the cat at first but quickly lost interest after the cat popped her for sniffing him. She has been fostered with a cat for some time and is very respectful of that cat. She has been around kids and likes kids. She is very snuggly and just wants to be in your lap or as close as possible to you, so doesn't seem to have any space issues at all. She marks like a boy and will even hike one leg to pee which is pretty unusual for such a beautiful girly girl. Because she tends to be a marker she will need very close supervision in any new home during the potty training phase. A very loving girl that will absolutely love her family and so cute!

Her Pedigree

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