Oaks Penny

Category: 2017 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Mendez Family of Greer SC 2/6/17
Adoption Date: 0606-0202-1717
Pet/Kennel Name: Penny
Age: 3
Color/Gender: Red Fawn Female
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Older Children Only
Fostered by (location): Halliwell in N. Augusta SC
Additional Details:

Penny just arrived from the Daytona Race Track where she raced all of her 93 races. She just raced her last race on December 10th. She just slowed down a bit and was coming in toward the back of the pack in her last few races, so was retired. Penny raced at 63lbs and turned 3 on September 17th. Her sire is WW Apple Jax and her dam is Oaks Black Betty. Penny is used to being around her trainer's children ages 5 to teen who help their mom take care of the dogs. Penny is timid at first with strangers, especially men and children she doesn't know. We think she would do better with older kids that are calmer and not moving so fast that wouldn't scare her while she is getting used to them. She is the rare greyhound that will actually bark at strangers so she is a pretty good watch dog. She is just going to warn you they are there though and will be too timid to actually try to protect the house. Since she is a vocal dog she is not going to be a good apartment dog. Penny seems to be more outgoing when she is with other greyhounds and will come right up to people when they do. She is more timid when she is alone, but seems like she will warm up pretty fast. Penny will bark and play bow while staying just out of reach at first but after a little while in her foster home she comes right up for snuggles and love. Penny passed her cat and small dog tests at the track so should be able to live with either. She really loves people that she knows and wants to be petted and loved often, she will just need a family that will give her time to warm up to them and get to know them. She does love to play ball, does stairs and has no issues with slick floors. She lets her foster parents know when she needs to go outside and is quiet in her kennel all night.

Her Pedigree

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