P's Hitch Winner

Category: Upstate, SC
Adoption Status: On Vet Hold
Pet/Kennel Name: Hitch
Age: 2
Color/Gender: Black Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Testing
Fostered by (location): Clark, Simpsonville SC
Additional Details:

Hitch is a handsome black guy that just arrived from the Daytona Beach Race Track. Hitch has a severe auto immune caused dry eye condition where the tear ducts suddenly stopped producing any tears at all. Our vet started him on lubricating eye drops that are given several times a day. Unfortunately the medication wasn't enough and he developed ulcers on one eye and had to have emergency surgery to save the eye. When he went in for a recheck on the eye that had surgery, ulcers were found on the other eye so he just had to have another emergency surgery on the other eye. One surgery was $2200 and the other was $1800. He may have to have a 3rd expensive surgery with a specialist to reroute some saliva glands into his eyes. That surgery only has a 50 percent success rate though, so he still may end up blind in spite of all our work to save his eyes. Hitch's eyes were OK when he began racing and his last race was August 8th. This is an auto immune condition that just appears suddenly. He has been waiting for a group to take him since he retired and we got him at the end of December and have been working with several vets and eye specialists since then. He started on antibiotic treatment, lubricating drops and eye flushes while he was at the track. He raced 30 races and only managed to win one of his races. He is a smaller guy that raced at 66lbs. Hitch turns 3 on April 23rd. His sire is P's Gibbs and is dam is Kiowa Super Cin. He has been quiet in his crate, and seems to be very comfortable there, because he can just relax with his eyes closed. His eyes do cause him a lot of pain and he paws at them a lot. After his surgeries he has had to wear a cone to protect them and has had to spend a lot of time in his crate to prevent him from bumping his eyes or head on anything. Hitch is an exceptionally sweet guy that has a wonderful personality in spite of all the trouble he is having with his eyes and the pain he has been in. He lets us put drops in his eyes and seems to know that we are trying to help him. He has been very cooperative with the vets and staff during his surgeries. He is a very calm guy that hasn't been allowed to play or run around much because of his condition. He did start playing with a toy when the vet deadened his eyes for his first checkup, so we think he may be more playful when he is not in pain and can see better. Hitch passed his cat and small dog tests easily, so should be able to live with either. We are doing everything we can to save this sweet boy's eyes. We have spent nearly $5000 on his two surgeries, hospital stays and medications so far and we may have to have another $2500 surgery. If you would like to help with Hitch's medical expenses you can donate toward his care on our donation page.

Tag: Adoption Pending
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