CTW Desert Fox

Category: 2019 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Gruber family 3.10.19
Adoption Date: 1010-0303-1919
Pet/Kennel Name: Chico
Age: 5.5
Color/Gender: Red Male
Cat Tolerance: No
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Testing
Fostered by (location): Gruber (Spartanburg, SC)
Additional Details:

Fox came in initially from the CTW kennel in Wheeling WV. He is a cute little red male that raced at 69lbs. He turned 5 on September 18th. His sire is CTW Base Camp and his Dam is CTW Melodramatic. Fox is a calm, quiet male. He is pretty good on leash and well behaved. He is a happy sweet boy that should be an easy addition to any family. So handsome too. He is doing great with the small white italian Greyhound in his foster home and was afraid of the cat he met and wouldn't go near it. Fox travels very well and just gets in the car and lays down calmly. He is very snuggly and loves people. After being in an adoptive home for nearly two years Fox mistook an outside cat for a bunny or a squirrel and killed it, so is now looking for another home. We stress to adopters that no greyhound should ever be trusted outside with cats because they could mistake a cat in the bushes for something else. Greyhounds are only good with indoor kitties and shouldn't ever be around outside cats. Fox is still fine with indoor kitties but because of this mistake he has to find a home with no cats at all. 

Tag: Adoption Pending
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