Augusta, GA

Yo Spicy Entree
Racing Name:
Yo Spicy Entree
Pet/Kennel Name:
Brindle Male
Cat Tolerance:
Small Dog Tolerance:
Good w/ Children:
Fostered by (location):
Kaage in Augusta GA
Adoption Status: On Hold

Trey originally came in from the Goodman Kennel at the Sanford Orlando Race Track. He is a small 68lb brindle male that will turn 5 on August 26th. He also raced briefly at Derby Lane early in his career. He was a top level racer in Orlando competing and winning at the top A level against the best dogs at that track. Trey's trainers were very attached to him and planned to keep him as a personal pet after he retired. They rescued a small dog from a bad situation, so weren't able to keep another dog when Trey finally retired though.  When he first arrived at the race track he was very shy and overwhelmed.They worked him through that and helped him build his confidence in the year and a half they had him. His trainers said he was the absolute sweetest boy once he warmed up. When he first arrived here he didn't tuck his tail or really seem shy at all. He did have moment of panic when the hauler tried to take him out of the kennel to bring him to our group. He really didn't want to leave and really panicked. He seemed to be adjusting to home life remarkably well in foster care and didn't seem like a shy dog at all. He was in an adoptive home since November, but progressively got more and more fearful of the family and even developed a fear of the yard. He spent quite a bit of time hiding in the bedroom away from everyone. He is on hold while we have our vet and experienced foster homes evaluate him to see why he has become so fearful. Trey is not shy with other dogs large and small and has lived with both. We would prefer not to put him in a home with children since they can be loud and scary. We think he probably needs a very quiet home that will let him initiate contact or not. Trey's sire is Odd Ulysses and his dam is Topaz Sallyhally. 

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Added: November 21, 2016


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