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The majority of greyhounds racing in the US were racing in Florida, until all of those tracks closed at the end of 2020.  We only have a very limited number of greyhounds available and don't expect to get many more.

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WW's Blue Sky
Racing Name:
WW's Blue Sky
Pet/Kennel Name:
Red Fawn Male
Cat Tolerance:
Small Dog Tolerance:
Good w/ Children:
Fostered by (location):
Pike, Longs SC
Adoption Status: In Process to the Kornmeyer Family

Some Special Needs Please Read Description! Sammy is a red, male, greyhound that initially came in from a greyhound farm in Abilene Kansas. He just wasn't interested in racing or chasing a lure, so he stayed on the farm until he had an adoption group to take him. He never went to the race track. He was not even 2 years old when we first placed him in 2016. He turned 7 on May 15th. He is a small to mid sized boy that is around 68lbs, but does not have an official racing weight since he never raced. His sire is Last Outlaw and his dam is WW Fast Star. He is a pretty red male that is very friendly and loves everyone he meets.  Sammy passed his cat and small dog tests easily when he arrived. Although he hasn't really been around cats since, he is very good with other dogs of all sizes and breeds. He loves to play and run with any dog that will play with him. He even lives with Parrots! Although he has not lived with kids, his current owner feels like he would probably be good with them, because he is so easy going and loves everyone so much. Sammy is being returned to us because of some health issues his owner is having, she is just not able to care for him at this time. She says he is a great dog. He never has accidents in the house and never has been one to get into anything. He doesn't need a crate because he is completely trustworthy, even unsupervised, and always has been. He has been living as an only dog in his home, so would be fine in that situation. Sammy does have some quirks. He has never learned to be comfortable on slippery floors in his home, even after 5 years.He has just alerted his owner when he needs to go somewhere and she has pulled him on a dog bed to where he wants to go. He needs a home that is mostly carpeted. He also needs a one story home because he is very uncomfortable on stairs. He just had 5 stairs to go outside to go potty at his former home. He would go down them, but then would dance around and was too scared to come back up them without help. He never got over that living in the same home for 5 years. Sammy is mostly a homebody and on walks he will sometimes just stop and turn into a statue, not wanting to walk any farther. He won't jump into a car and needs to be helped in. Many, if not most greyhounds come to us with similar quirks and usually quickly get over their fears with some encouragement and training. Sammy lived with a dog trainer and she wasn't able to get him past his fears, so we just want to find a home that he can be comfortable in from the start. If you have a mostly carpeted, one story home, without too many stairs to access your yard, you could be the family for Sammy. He also needs a family that is OK with a dog that is a homebody and doesn't like to go for long walks. Although Sammy is fearful of a few odd things, he is not fearful with people and is a very happy, loving, boy that is very very good and never gets into any trouble. Sammy is doing well in his foster home so far. He will be checked over by our vet in Columbia and get his vaccinations, heartworm test, fecal and a fresh dental and be ready to go home on February 2nd.

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Added: March 20, 2016


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