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Greyhounds available for adoption in the Charlotte NC Area.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO OUR ADOPTERS! Because of Covid 19 restrictions, the end of Florida greyhound racing in December, and the early closure of 3 more tracks during the pandemic, we have received far more applications than we can process in the coming months. The numbers of greyhounds available for adoption is falling quickly and will be nearly non existent by the end of this year.  AT THIS TIME WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM NEW ADOPTERS!! If you have already submitted an application and received confirmation from our volunteers, you WILL be processed in the order of receipt IF we have greyhounds available. If you are already a GC adopter and in our system, please contact one of us or your adoption rep for help.

Racing Name:
KB's Devil Kat
Pet/Kennel Name:
Red Female
Cat Tolerance:
Small Dog Tolerance:
Good w/ Children:
Fostered by (location):
Doby Charlotte NC
Adoption Status: Just Arrived On Hold

Kat just arrived from the Brindle Kennel at the Palm Beach Race Track. Her racing owner is one of our group's volunteers and she asked us to help her place Kat. Her owner recently broke her back and can't bring in a new dog into her home right now. Kat was not a good racer. Out of her 66 races she only won one race and came in 2nd in one. Kat raced at 66lbs and is very young. She won't turn 2 until November 15th. Kat is a really timid shy girl that is very overwhelmed by being in a home for the first time and being away from her littermates and trainer at the track. She is going to take a bit to warm up to a new environment and people she doesn't know. Her foster dad is going to work with her for a couple of weeks before sending her to the vet for her spay. Her new family will probably need to be patient with her as she warms up. More as we get to know her. 

Added: September 15, 2020


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